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龙书:Compilers: Principles,Techniques,and Tools
虎书:Modern Compiler Implementation in C
鲸书:Advanced Compiler Design and Implementation
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闭包(Closure): A closure is any function which closes over the environment in which it was defined. This means that it can access variables not in its parameter list.

匿名(Lambda、Anonymous function) : A lambda is just an anonymous function - a function defined with no name.
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Animation (动画) 这个单词是从人拉丁语引入的,意思是:“the act of bringing to life” (为无生命的物体注入灵魂)
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Reference: https://www.zhihu.com/question/327763737
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A healthy diet & Quite Drinking
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There are actually two modes of life: One is to work for others with blood and sweat, The other is to spend money to let others work for you.